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Natural Mi Ya

Dental Herbal Whitening Powder

Dental Herbal Whitening Powder

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〖About this item〗

Natural herbal formula designed to swiftly eliminate all dental plaque, keeping you free of gum bleeding, swelling, severe bad breath, periodontal bacteria, cavity-causing bacteria, tobacco stains, yellowing, and blackened teeth. It provides effective and gentle results without damaging the enamel, and is suitable for long-term use.

Tooth powder stands out for its superior plaque and dental plaque removal capabilities, which are further enhanced by rinsing. Additionally, tooth powder contains abundant natural minerals and minimal to no artificial colorants, earning recognition and praise from modern individuals.

Our product is free oftoothpaste's inherent friction agents, preservatives, and other chemical ingredients, ensuring your peace of mind during use.

ToothJoy Tooth Powder is available in two variants: "Gum Care Tooth Powder" (green packaging) and "Enamel Whitening Tooth Powder" (blue packaging). Each box lasts for several months.

〖Usage Instructions〗

 After wetting your toothbrush, shake off excess water. Puta small amount of tooth powder onto the brush, using just enough without overdoing it. Rinse your mouth with water and begin brushing for two to three minutes. Finally, rinse your mouth with water again to remove any remaining powder and foam.

For the Enamel Whitening Tooth Powder, apply it directly to the teeth. If using the Gum Care Tooth Powder, apply it to the gums. Wait for one minute before starting to brush for better results.

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