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Green Eastern

【Travel Set】Detoxing Gel + Soft Nutrient Cream(Pre-sale)

【Travel Set】Detoxing Gel + Soft Nutrient Cream(Pre-sale)

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Brand:Green Eastern
Origin:South Korea

Detoxing Gel:
Volume:1.69 oz
Effects:The peeling gel is a fermented from various plants such as alpine larch in Brazil, snow grass, papaya and soybeans. Effective in detoxification and exfoliating. It is effective to eliminate the edema, toxins, blood stasis and remove old and dead skin cells of the face and body. Enhance the metabolism and elasticity of the skin. Help to smooth and balance skin tone.
Usage:Apply a proper amount of peeling gel to the area where you need to exfoliate and gently massage.

Soft Nutrient Cream:
Volume:3 g
Effects:Combining the Agaricus Blaxei Extract with multiple enzyme extracts from plants as the base, top with essence from olive oil, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and sunflower oil, the Green Eastern World Nutrient Cream forms a powerful moisturizing and nourishing effect against dark spots and wrinkles. Function well as a lotion, eye cream, essence, and nutrition cream. Give the bright and shiny look of the healthy skin.
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