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【Limited】Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Tea

【Limited】Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Tea

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This high mountain tea originates from the Alishan Tea Region, one of the three major high mountain tea regions in Taiwan. Situated at an elevation of over 1000 meters, Alishan is among the rare tea areas that adhere to pesticide-free and toxin-free cultivation practices. The tea is meticulously hand-picked in an environment free from pesticides.

Weight: 150g / 1 Pack
Type: Winter Tea
Features: This high mountain tea is cultivated in a pesticide-free tea region with pure hand-picking practices. Alishan tea is known for its golden and transparent tea soup, offering a smooth and refreshing taste without bitterness.
Brewing Method: Preheat the tea utensils with boiling water, use water at a temperature of 80°C-90°C, add an appropriate amount of tea leaves (1:50 tea-to-water ratio). The tea leaves can be steeped multiple times, starting with a 90-second infusion to allow the leaves to unfurl, followed by intervals of 40-60 seconds for subsequent infusions, based on personal taste preferences.

【Black Tea】

Weight: 75g / 1 Pack
Type: Winter Tea, Black Tea (fermented)
Features: Pesticide-free and hand-picked, the tea offers a sweet, rounded, and smooth taste with no bitterness and a lingering aftertaste.
Benefits: Fully fermented black tea has lower catechins and tannic acid content but is rich in theaflavins, a type of tea polyphenol produced during fermentation. It possesses antioxidant properties, slows down aging, and, due to its fermented nature, has a warmer property, aiding in relieving constipation and supporting digestion.
Brewing Method: Preheat the tea utensils with boiling water, take an appropriate amount of tea leaves (1:50 tea-to-water ratio), steep with water at 90 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds. Adjust brewing time according to personal preference, and the tea leaves can be re-steeped 6-8 times.

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