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Horse Oil Hair Care Perles

Horse Oil Hair Care Perles

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 The Horse Oil Hair Care Perles we use in our capsules was first used in ancient Chinese folk medicines and brought to Japan during the China Tang Dynasty. It is widely known for its penetrative abilities, without leaving the skin or hair feeling greasy.

Each Horse Hair Oil leave in conditioner capsule also contains rich amounts of vitamin B5 as well as natural plant and seaweed essences. Regular use of the capsules will deeply nourish and condition the hair roots, providing natural moisture to the hair follicles, helping the hair to regain its elasticity.

In addition, the natural plant essences and Horse Hair Oil we use in our proprietary formula helps repair and revitalize dry, split, and damaged hair, making it feel silky soft, smooth and shiny.

Ingredients: Horse Hair Oil extract, Vitamin B5, Squalene, Silicone Oil, Polluquatemium-6,  Propylparaben

Directions: Wash hair and towel dry. Cut capsule with scissor. Squeeze 1-2 capsules in the palm of your hand and thoroughly rub into the hair. Preheating conditioning will archive double effect. No need to rewash the hair.

Capacity: 30 PCs

Expiration Date: 3 years
Made in Taiwan
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