Youhu I & Jade Ruyi Cup (two cups in one pot, one bag each of special black tea + Alishan high mountain oolong tea for a limited time)

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Youhu I & Jade Ruyi Cup (two cups in one pot, one bag each of special black tea + Alishan high mountain oolong tea for a limited time)

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  • Original work, designed by Taiwanese ceramic master Deng Dingshou
  • The main body of the Youhu is hand-made with rattan pieces and 49 perforations, carefully crafted by craftsmen.
  • The jade Ruyi cup, with superb glaze stacking technology, sounds like a chime when touched, healing the soul.
  • The tea is delicious, the tea is kept warm and not stuffy, and the taste is pure and mellow
  • Gift box packaging, one pot and two cups, small and lightweight, perfect for personal use or as a gift
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Product Description

Product Highlights

Origin: Made in Taiwan

Products: 1 Purple Jade Pot + 2 Jade Jade Ruyi Cups

Capacity: Pot 160ml. Cup 70ml.

Material: clay pot, ceramic cup

Color: purple jade

Packaging: wooden box

Product Details

*** Breaking Taiwanese tea in a Taiwanese teapot fully maintains the mellow aroma of the tea soup ***

The "Youpot" teapot set is made of ceramics, which can maintain high temperature without stuffing the tea. It is suitable for teas that require high temperature brewing and sufficient space for the tea leaves to fully expand, such as spherical super black tea, premium white tea, spherical oolong tea, etc. When using, please pay attention to choosing the appropriate tea brewing time to obtain the best tea soup flavor .

product description

【Youhu I】

1. Three-point standing style, the main body of the teapot is unique in

appearance, mellow and smooth, and the tranquility is simple.

2. The handle ring is inlaid with rattan pieces and has 49 perforations. It is

carefully made by hand by craftsmen. Knotted and twisted to achieve heat

collection effect, simple, natural and simple


3. Special design without handle, the pot can be held by either left or right hand.

The pot fits perfectly in the hand, even for those unfamiliar with making tea in a


Pour water easily.

4. The gentian flower three-dimensional relief cover button has a unique meaning

and a strong tea art charm.

5. The shape retains the open bowl-like characteristics of the lid cup, allowing the

tea leaves to fully stretch in the pot and the tea aroma to be fully released .


【Jade Ruyi Cup

1. The cup shape is rounded, with multiple neck lines on the outer ring of the cup

rim . It has heat insulation function and is more three-dimensional .

2. The material is made of high-quality soil from the [Chenyoulan River ]

basin at the bottom of Yushan Mountain in Taiwan. The glaze color is specially

adjusted to high-temperature glaze . It is kiln fired three times using the "

stacked glaze " method.

(1280 degrees ) .

3. The hardness of the finished product is high , the glaze color is unique and

beautiful like jade, the glaze surface is more complete and bright, and it is not

easy to retain tea stains, making it easy to clean.

4. Two emerald Ruyi cups touch each other gently, and the crisp and sweet music

sounds like a chime, which heals the soul.


5. It adopts high-end multi-pass craftsmanship and is kiln-fired three times. It has

superb glaze stacking craftsmanship and unique polish .


[Three major benefits of the product]

The first best thing: making delicious tea , keeping the tea warm and not stuffy ,

pure and mellow taste.

The second best: the soup comes out smoothly, and the water is cut off quickly

without backflow. The body of the pot is designed as a three-point stand, leaving

no traces of water.

The third best: good creative design, simple and beautiful secluded utensils can

make people relax instantly, and the essence of tea can be revealed instantly .


【design concept】

Walking as you please, tea drinkers can relax and soothe in a quiet

environment. The three-dimensional relief sculpture is modeled on Taiwan's

natural plant gentian, showing the natural beauty of Taiwan.

The combination of nature and art. It also uses the strong vitality of the

natural plant gentian as a metaphor for the tenacity of Taiwanese people .