Old White Tea(100g * 1 pack)

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Old White Tea(100g * 1 pack)

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  • Naturally grown in a wild and ecological environment, organic and pure
  • Handpicked by skilled tea artisans, selecting tender leaves, meticulously roasted
  • SGS tested for 488 pesticide samples, free from pesticide residues
  • Awarded the 2023 AVPA White Tea Gold Award in Paris, France
  • Belongs to the new craft of white tea, offering a unique floral, honey, and fruity aroma
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Product Description

Product Details:

  • Type: New Craft White Tea
  • Manufacturing Location: Taiwan
  • Production Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Weight: 100 grams per pack

Product Introduction:

Premium White Tea is a star product awarded the 2023 AVPA White Tea Gold Award in Paris, France. It grows in a natural wild and ecological environment, coexisting with grass and dancing butterflies. It is entirely free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, resulting in limited production. After being fed upon by the insect small green leaf cicada, the tea leaves are handpicked, carefully selected, and undergo processes like sun withering and indoor withering, taking five to six days to complete. Roasted by experienced Taiwanese tea artisans using low-temperature baking, it produces a unique and irreplaceable floral, fruity, and honey fragrance.

  • Tea Variety: Cui Yu, a high-quality seedling variety.
  • SGS Testing: The Swiss SGS testing institution annually tests different varieties of tea plantations. Among the 488 pesticide samples tested, no pesticide residues were found, making it a truly organic and pure white tea without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Pure Handpicking and Processing: Pure handpicked tea that undergoes sun withering or gentle fire drying without killing green or kneading. It maintains the complete appearance of leaves and buds, fresh bud fragrance, and maximizes the nutritional value and authentic taste of fresh tea.
  • Aging and Flavor: Due to its organic wild nature, the longer it is stored, the richer and more mellow the flavor becomes. The tea develops a peach and champagne aroma. The tea liquor is amber-colored, aromatic, sweet, with a lingering aftertaste and endless flavor.

Health Benefits:

  • White tea is known for its antiviral and antibacterial properties. The high content of tea polyphenols makes it a natural antioxidant, boosting immunity and protecting the cardiovascular system.
  • Both new and aged white tea are rich in amino acids and nutrients, offering effects such as anti-radiation, reducing swelling, and replenishing fluids.

Cultural Significance:

  • In traditional culture, tea is often considered a gift of respect. With its noble character and elegant taste, white tea is highly appreciated by scholars and literati. It is commonly used as a gift to express admiration and respect. Therefore, Premium White Tea is an exquisite gift for presentation. White tea is also a precious tea treasure for entertaining guests and giving to friends and family during festivals and special occasions.

Brewing Instructions:

  • Preheat the clean tea set with boiling water.
  • Use 3-5 grams of tea leaves for 150 ml of water, avoiding making it too concentrated.
  • Use water at a temperature of around 95℃.
  • First, smell the tea for its fragrance, then directly brew it. The first infusion takes 40-50 seconds to yield tea. Subsequent infusions can be extended by about 5 seconds each. White tea can be steeped multiple times.

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