Taiwan Yushan High Mountain Natural Farming Oolong Tea(150g * 1 pack)

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Taiwan Yushan High Mountain Natural Farming Oolong Tea(150g * 1 pack)

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  • Grown in the Yushan tea region of Taiwan, at an altitude of approximately 1450 meters, with abundant moisture and significant day-night temperature differences.
  • Green tea gardens, free from pesticide and chemical fertilizer contamination.
  • Freshly picked winter tea, primarily consisting of tender leaves and buds, usually one bud with two to three leaves.
  • Exceptionally aromatic with a sweet aftertaste.
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Product Description

Product Details: Yushan High Altitude Oolong Tea:

  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Tea Region: Yushan Tea Area
  • Type: Winter Tea
  • Weight: 150g * 1 pack

This tea benefits from the superior environment of the Yushan high-altitude tea region, combined with the production of winter oolong tea, resulting in outstanding quality and flavor.

Product Introduction:

  • The tea grows in the environment of Yushan, Taiwan, at an altitude of approximately 1450 meters. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used, ensuring pure and uncontaminated tea leaves.
  • The Yushan tea region, Taiwan's highest peak, is surrounded by clouds and mist throughout the year, providing ample moisture. Teas from this region are particularly aromatic with a sweet aftertaste, but due to the terrain, tea yield is limited.
  • The high-quality tea leaves are plump, with a bright honey-yellow color in the tea soup, presenting a fresh green appearance, showcasing the unique characteristics of high mountain tea.
  • The taste is sweet, mellow, and full-bodied with liveliness. The aroma is delicate, displaying the unique flavor and characteristics of high mountain tea.
  • Oolong tea contains "catechins" with antioxidant properties, aiding in clearing free radicals from the body.

Brewing Method:

  1. Brewing Water Temperature: It is recommended to use hot water at around 90°C, a moderately high temperature that helps extract the flavor of the tea leaves.
  2. Adding Tea Leaves: Take an appropriate amount of tea leaves and place them in the tea utensil. Generally, it is suggested to use about 5 grams of tea leaves for every 100ml of water.
  3. Pouring Water for Brewing: Pour in hot water and steep for approximately 3-5 minutes. Adjust the brewing time according to personal taste preferences.
  4. Enjoy the Tea: Experience the bright honey-yellow color of the tea soup and savor the unique aroma and flavor of high mountain tea.

Precautions: Product packaging may vary slightly due to different batches, which is considered a normal phenomenon.

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