Premium Ginseng Oolong Tea + American Red Ginseng Extract

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Premium Ginseng Oolong Tea + American Red Ginseng Extract

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American Red Ginseng Extract

  • Made from 100% premium Canadian-grown Western Red Ginseng roots, with an absorption rate of over 95%.
  • High effective content: 1 ml is equivalent to 3.5 grams of cultivated Western Red Ginseng roots.
  • Free from added chemicals, fillers, or preservatives.
  • Holds production certificates and product certificates approved by the Canadian Department of Health.

Premium Ginseng Oolong Tea

  • Culled from the lush tea gardens of Nantou's Lugu region in Taiwan, featuring the finest Jade Oolong leaves, and masterfully blended with American Wisconsin Ginseng.
  • The tea offers a rich and mellow taste, coupled with the health benefits of ginseng.
  • Known for its soothing effect on the throat, making it an excellent choice for dry mouth or hoarseness.
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Product Description

American Red Ginseng Extract Product Details:

Brand: GinEx®

Origin: Canada

Production Certificate: Canadian Department of Health Approval Number NPN 80093350 (GinEx® 30ml)

Ingredients: High concentration Western Red Ginseng saponins (5-8%), polysaccharides (65-68%)

Applicable Population: Adults

Product Introduction:

GinEx® Western Red Ginseng Essence is a high-potency supplement with a completely natural formula approved by the Canadian Department of Health. The product is standardized to enhance stamina, regulate mood, and boost immunity, suitable for all age groups. It is recommended for long-term use and does not contain any artificial additives.

  • High Efficacy: Contains a very high concentration of effective ingredients, Western Red Ginseng saponins (5-8%), and polysaccharides (65-68%), with an absorption rate of 95% or higher.
  • Natural Formula: 100% pure natural formula, the finished product does not contain any chemical additives, fillers, or preservatives; safe and reliable for long-term use.
  • Standardized Dosage: Clear indication of Western Red Ginseng saponin components and product dosage to ensure optimal effectiveness.
  • High Effective Content: Compared to the average weight of 3.5 grams of cultivated Western Red Ginseng roots, 1 ml of Western Red Ginseng Essence has a higher effective content (bioavailability).
  • Completely Canadian Production: Manufactured in Canada and holds production certificates and product certificates approved by the Canadian Department of Health. Canadian Department of Health Approval Number: NPN 80093350 (GinEx® 30ml).
  • Made from 100% premium Canadian-grown Western Red Ginseng roots, refined.
  • Alleviates fatigue, enhances vitality: A nourishing and Qi-supplementing product, maintaining sleep quality, adjusting body conditions, and restoring vitality.
  • High nutrition, soothes nerves, regulates mood, and strengthens the stomach and intestines: Rich in 87 kinds of "Western Red Ginseng saponins" and various special "Western Red Ginseng Panax saponins," with calming and soothing effects, maintaining memory and attention, promoting gastrointestinal motility; suitable for those with frequent mental activities, high stress levels.
  • Enhances resistance to viruses, prevents colds, and boosts overall immune function: Rich in Western Red Ginseng polysaccharides and other macromolecules, through large-sample clinical trials, regulates immune and natural killer cell activity. Suitable for those prone to colds.

Usage Instructions:

  • Take 1-2 doses of GinEx® Western Red Ginseng Essence per day.
  • 1 dose = 1 dropper = 1 ml.
  • Can be taken directly or dissolved in a small amount of warm water.
  • Can also be mixed with various vitamin supplements or added to beverages.
  • Best taken after meals, can be flavored with maple syrup, honey, or rock sugar.
  • The effects of ginseng vary based on individual constitution and usage. Pregnant women or those with specific health conditions are advised to consult a professional doctor before use. Exceeding recommended dosage does not enhance effects.


While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of product information, manufacturers may sometimes change the actual product's packaging and formula ingredients. Therefore, the actual information provided for this product may contain more or different information than what is displayed on our website. The content on this website is for reference only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. We strongly recommend not relying solely on the information provided on our website. Before using this product, if you have any questions about labels, warnings, instructions, etc., consult with a doctor, pharmacist, or other professionals immediately. Do not use the product information on the website for self-diagnosis or treating health problems and diseases. For more information, please contact the manufacturer. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of diseases, and the product description information has not been evaluated or reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Pregnant or lactating women or those taking prescription drugs should consult a physician before use. Never disregard or delay professional medical advice based on information obtained on our website. Blueberry Premium is not responsible for any liability or obligation arising from errors or inaccuracies in the product description information displayed on our website. We strive to update product information in a timely manner, but please rely on the received physical product. Before using the product, be sure to read the accompanying labels, warnings, and instructions.


Premium Ginseng Oolong Tea Product Details:

  • Brand: Hsuan's Fine Tea
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Contents: Semi-ball-shaped tea leaves
  • Harvest Location: Lugu region, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Best Before: 2 years (unopened)
  • Packaging: 300g (2 bags)
  • Storage: Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight

Product Introduction:

  • The tea leaves are sourced from the Lugu region in Nantou, featuring the predominant Jade Oolong variety.
  • Selected American Wisconsin Ginseng is meticulously blended with the tea leaves and undergoes a skillful roasting process.
  • The tea offers a delightful taste, enhanced by the health benefits of ginseng.
  • Known for its throat-soothing properties, making it an ideal beverage for dry mouth or hoarseness.
  • The tea leaves provide a smooth and refreshing taste, with a hint of sweetness and no bitterness.

Benefits of Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is known to promote metabolism, help regulate blood sugar and lipids, and assist in reducing uric acid and cholesterol. Due to its fermentation process, it is gentle on the stomach, low in caffeine, and doesn't disrupt sleep.

Notes for Brewing:

  1. Preheat the teapot or teacup with boiling water.
  2. Use about 1/4 of the teapot's capacity for tea leaves.
  3. Pour in boiling water.
  4. Steep for about 2 minutes (adjust according to personal preference for strength), and increase steeping time for subsequent infusions.
  5. The first infusion is ready to drink (no need to wash the tea).

Precautions: Not recommended for children under 6 years old and pregnant women.