G-Pharma® American Ginseng thin slices (70g)

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G-Pharma® American Ginseng thin slices (70g)

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  • Raw materials are Ontario-produced American ginseng, which is widely recognized in the industry as the best quality American ginseng.
  • Long-term consumption can improve the body's immune system, combat fatigue, resist radiation, inhibit tumors, and regulate hormones.
  • Sliced for convenient consumption, can be used in dietary soups, as a tea, or taken orally.
  • Thin slices, boxed for easier storage.
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Product Description

Product Details:

Ingredients: American Ginseng
Product Type: Ginseng
Slice Thickness: 0.1-0.2cm
Packaging: Boxed
Net Weight: 70g
Recommended Daily Intake: 3-9g/day
Origin: Ontario, Canada
Brand: G-Pharma Canada
Manufacturer: Adaptogen Pharma Corporation

Product Introduction:

American Ginseng thin slices produced by dedicated cleaning, sorting and drying processes using 4–5-year-old American ginseng roots from local ginseng farmer of Ontario Ginseng Grower Association (OGGA).

• HIGHEST QUALITY – We source our ginseng only from local farmers in Ontario, Canada. Canada offers the ideal climate and mineral-rich soil conditions for growing the perfect ginseng, the cut section of the root has more compact tissue. Our ginseng roots are regularly tested for quality. Certificates of Analysis available upon request.

• ADAPTOGENIC HERB – Ginseng has long been treasured and safely consumed by millions over the centuries. Red Ginseng treated from American ginseng of Canada is well known for calming down effects and balancing your Yin from the Yin Yang Theory. It is especially suitable for the elderly and those with chronic illness and fatigue. Long-term consumption of red ginseng can enhance the immune system, combat fatigue, resist radiation, suppress tumors, and regulate the body's endocrine system.


Lozenge, 1-2 slices. Ginseng Tea: 3 to 6 grams.


Store in a cold and dry place.