Far Infrared Pressing and Scraping Comb

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Far Infrared Pressing and Scraping Comb

Regular price $76.82 $97.30 Save $20.48
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  • Infused with natural mineral powder, naturally releases far-infrared rays, 0 electromagnetic waves, 0 skin irritation, 0 toxicity.
  • Effectively stimulates meridian circulation, aiding in body maintenance and disease prevention.
  • Alleviates issues such as insomnia, headaches, and hair loss.
  • Korean-patented comb tooth design, compact and versatile for three uses in one.
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Product Description

Product Details:

Origin: South Korea

Product Contents: Two combs (per box)

Raw Material Source: The product's raw materials are sourced from Korea, featuring high-quality patented design to ensure optimal results.

Utilized Technology: The patented materials release far-infrared rays, actively stimulating acupoints, detoxifying, improving blood circulation, relieving pain, and promoting metabolism.

Addressing Issues: Applicable to various health problems, including but not limited to hair loss, headaches, muscle tension – a comprehensive health solution.

Product Introduction:

  • Far Infrared Technology: The 1941+ Far Infrared Detox Scraping Comb adopts a Korean-patented design, infused with natural mineral powder, showcasing outstanding far-infrared radiation functionality.
  • Multi-functional Acupressure Massage: The 13 comb teeth design allows gentle acupressure on the scalp, face, and body acupoints, effectively stimulating meridian circulation, contributing to body maintenance and disease prevention.
  • Alleviate Common Issues: Suitable for problems like insomnia, headaches, and hair loss. The release of far-infrared rays helps alleviate long-term muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and enhance metabolism, providing comprehensive health care.

Usage Instructions:

  • Acupoint Massage: Use the comb teeth to gently press acupoints on the scalp, face, and body to stimulate meridian circulation.
  • Daily Use: Recommended for daily use, especially when needing to relax the body or improve sleep quality.
  • Gentle Movements: Use gentle motions to avoid excessive force, ensuring a comfortable experience and achieving optimal results.