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Dental Herbal Whitening+Prevention Powder

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Dental Herbal Whitening+Prevention Powder

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  • Plant-based formula, free from artificial colors for a healthier option
  • Effectively removes plaque, dental plaque, tartar, stains, and yellow-blackboard teeth, promoting dental hygiene and whitening
  • Quick and gentle, does not harm enamel, suitable for long-term use
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Product Description

Product Details:

  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Brand: ToothBabe
  • Set Contents: Health Tooth Powder x1, Whitening Tooth Powder x1
  • Capacity: 50g (per can)
  • Ingredients: Lignin alkaline, plant fragrance, plum slices, and calcium carbonate.

Product Introduction:

  • Health Tooth Powder (Green Can): Prevents tooth decay, gum disease prevention.
  • Whitening Tooth Powder (Blue Can): Stain removal, teeth whitening, and refreshing.
  • Natural Herbal Formula: The tooth powder adopts a natural herbal formula, free from artificial colors and fragrances compared to toothpaste, providing a more natural oral care experience. This product does not contain chemical ingredients such as abrasives and preservatives inherent in toothpaste, making it a safer choice for use.
  • Large Granule Removal Effect: The powder particles of the tooth powder are larger, making it more effective in removing plaque, dental plaque, and tartar compared to a paste, providing a more thorough oral cleaning.
  • Whitening Effect: Whitening tooth powder can remove dental plaque, stains from smoking, coffee and tea, betel nut pigments, and yellow plaque teeth, enhancing the whitening effect on teeth.


  • Prepare the Toothbrush: Wet the toothbrush and shake off excess water to have a clean toothbrush ready.
  • Apply an Appropriate Amount of Tooth Powder: Dip the toothbrush into an appropriate amount of tooth powder; there's no need for too much. Health tooth powder can be applied to the gums.
  • Start Brushing: After rinsing your mouth with water, start brushing your teeth for two to three minutes.
  • Rinse: Finally, rinse your mouth with water, spitting out any remaining powder and foam.
  • Use Whitening Tooth Powder: Apply it to the teeth first, keep it for a minute before starting brushing to enhance the effect.

With simple steps and natural ingredients, it provides you with a comprehensive oral care experience.