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  • Premium deer antlers selected from New Zealand.
  • Combines traditional nourishing herbs for warmth and nutrition.
  • Blood tonic, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, vitality enhancement.
  • Anti-aging, antioxidant, strengthens bones and muscles, nourishes essence and blood.
  • Suitable for all seasons and ages.
  • Developed by Dr. Lee Kyung-jai, a renowned Korean doctor (Note: Translation accuracy may vary for this individual).
  • Exquisite hollow gift box, 30 individually packaged tablets for convenient consumption, storage, and gifting.
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Product Description

Product Details:

Origin: Korea

Brand: Lee Kyung-jai (Renowned Korean doctor specializing in longevity herb-based foods)

Content: 30 individually packaged tablets

Shelf Life: 12 months

Product Description:

  • Contains upper, middle, and lower sections of deer antlers, coupled with high-quality deer horns aged around 60 days for comprehensive nutrition and optimal effectiveness. Offers benefits such as blood tonification, anti-inflammatory properties, enhanced immune function, increased vitality, anti-aging, and antioxidant effects.
  • Perfect combination of traditional medicinal ingredients: In addition to premium New Zealand deer antlers and carefully selected Korean red ginseng, it includes 29 traditional Chinese medicinal and quality ingredients, such as Lingzhi mushroom, kale, Angelica sinensis, Eucommia bark, Astragalus, Motherwort, Rehmannia, safflower seed, Schisandra, peony, Eucommia bark, Poria cocos, and mistletoe (anti-cancer efficacy).
  • Rigorous selection and strict management throughout the entire production process, from collection and cutting to transportation and export.
  • Personally developed by Dr. Lee Kyung-jai, suitable for all seasons and ages.

Exquisite hollow gift box, 30 individually packaged tablets for convenient consumption, storage – an elegant gift for family and friends.

  • Since ancient times, deer antlers have been revered as a precious material with warming effects, favored by emperors. Why? According to traditional Chinese medicine, the essence of the deer lies in its antlers, and the velvet is the tender bud of the antlers. It is believed to be the most potent tonic for replenishing yang, nourishing blood, strengthening bones and muscles. Modern medical research also suggests that deer antlers are rich in lecithin, hormones, various vitamins, albumin, amino acids, and minerals, providing benefits such as increased vitality, enhanced gland function, anti-aging, antioxidant properties, immune enhancement, blood tonic, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Deer antlers are considered a potent tonic for replenishing yang, nourishing blood, and promoting longevity. The deer habitat in New Zealand, a world-class location, produces deer antlers that grow in a clean and natural environment, ensuring high quality and rich nutrition. Dr. Lee Kyung-jai, a Korean doctor dedicated to researching longevity health foods, combines New Zealand deer antlers with selected Korean red ginseng and 29 traditional Chinese medicines and quality ingredients to create the "Royal Deer Antler Tablets," offering comprehensive nutrition suitable for consumption throughout the year and across all age groups.

Korea is renowned as a world-class longevity country. As of 2022, the average life expectancy of Koreans has reached 83.5 years. According to population experts' predictions, Koreans' average life expectancy is expected to surpass 90 years in the next decade, making it the world's longest-lived country. Koreans emphasize nourishment and dietary therapy, with well-known examples being Korean ginseng and deer antlers. Koreans have developed various health supplements using deer antlers, widely consumed by people of all ages, making it popular in Korea.

The "Six Miracles of Life" of the Sika Deer

  • Longevity: Calculated according to the formula for mammal life expectancy, a deer's 20 years is equivalent to a human's 250 years.
  • Regeneration of Deer Antlers: Deer antlers grow at a rate of 1.2 cm per day, making deer the only mammals with regenerating organs.
  • Self-healing Bone Fractures: After a leg bone fracture, a Sika deer can walk confidently after three days, run after ten days, and fully recover after twenty days.
  • Powerful Immune System: Deer blood contains three times the amount of immune proteins found in the human body and 7-10 times the amount of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).
  • Strong Myocardial Function: Sika deer can abruptly stop during a run, a feat even athletes cannot achieve.
  • Strong Sexual Performance: In the West, deer antlers are called the horns of the gods, symbolizing the powerful energy of passion charging through the cold horns.

New Zealand, with its world-class deer habitat, uses healthy and naturally grown deer antlers for this product, ensuring high quality and rich nutrition. The entire production process, from collection, cutting, transportation, to export, undergoes rigorous management. Dr. Lee Kyung-jai, a renowned Korean doctor, personally designs and produces this product, carefully selecting high-quality ingredients, making it a trusted and beloved product among Korean consumers and Korean-Americans.

Usage Instructions:

  • Suitable for Individuals: Ideal for those seeking health maintenance and vitality, especially those who want to consume deer antler, red ginseng, and traditional ingredients simultaneously.
  • Suggested dosage: Take 1 tablet daily, slowly chew and swallow. For individuals under 15 years old, take half of the adult dosage.
  • Gift Selection: A high-quality gift for cherished individuals, expressing health care and goodwill.
  • Easy Consumption: Individually packaged for convenient consumption and storage.

Note: Store in a cool, dry place. Despite our best efforts to ensure product information is accurate, manufacturers may change packaging and ingredient formulations. The provided information may differ from what is displayed on our website. This content is for reference only and cannot replace professional medical advice. We strongly recommend consulting with a doctor, pharmacist, or professional before relying solely on our website information. Do not use product information from the website for self-diagnosis or treating health problems. For more information, contact the manufacturer. This product is not intended for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing diseases. The actual product packaging and materials may contain more information not covered on this website. Consult a doctor if pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking prescription medications before use. Never disregard or delay medical treatment advice based on information obtained from our website. Lanmei is not responsible for any liability or obligation arising from errors or inaccuracies in product descriptions displayed on our website. We strive to update product information promptly, but please rely on the received physical product. Before use, be sure to read the labels, warnings, and instructions accompanying the product.

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