Taiwan Qiantangxuan living porcelain water bottle combination three-piece set (design style)

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Taiwan Qiantangxuan living porcelain water bottle combination three-piece set (design style)

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  • The patented technology and special craftsmanship of living porcelain cups have won many international awards.
  • Releases far-infrared rays and negative ions, which have health-preserving effects
  • Softens water quality and improves taste, suitable for any drink
  • Lead and cadmium have passed the test and will not release heavy metal substances, so it is safe and secure.
  • Classic design, carefully crafted by hand
  • Living porcelain products can be used for a long time without failure. "One cup" will accompany you "for a lifetime". This beautiful meaning is given to your loved ones, so that healthy life can always be with you.
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Product Description

【Product Details】

Name: Taiwan Qiantangxuan living porcelain water bottle combination three-piece set (design version)
Color: green, white, black, lemon white, blue and white, orange and white, red and white, stone blue Origin: Designed in Taiwan, made in China Composition: One water bottle, two cups (with or without handles)
Packaging: high-end cardboard box

【product description】

Taiwan Qiantangxuan ACERA was established in 1986. After more than ten years of technological research and development and innovation in 1998, it adheres to the concepts of art, technology, health, and product innovation, integrates it into daily ceramics, and creates a series of products under the "Living Porcelain" brand, with unique daily-use technological ceramics. , combining culture, art, and technological elements to bring consumers a healthy and high-quality life.
Qiantangxuan products are designed and built by Taiwanese arts and crafts masters, Italian design teams and Sri Lankan designers. They are all original designs and have won domestic and foreign design awards such as the German Red Dot Award, IF Award, and Contemporary Good Design.

*2015 Italian Golden Disc Award
*2015 German IF Design Award
*2016 German Red Dot Design Award
*European Product Design Awards 2017
*2018 Taiwan Excellence Award
*2019 Chicago Good Design Award
*2019 German Red Dot Design Award

Qiantangxuan's latest research and development of "living soil mud", the main raw materials are taken from the soil in the Dongxin cultural area of ​​​​Shandong, selected natural high-quality kaolin, using the patented technology of "coating substrate composition method with far-infrared radiation effect", through complicated processes The product is fired using a special process that releases far-infrared rays and negative ions, optimizing your experience and feelings when drinking.
Cooking: Use the water left in a water bottle for half an hour when cooking or making soup and rice. The taste and effect will be better.
White water: It will soften the water quality and lubricate the taste of the water, allowing children who don’t like to drink water to develop a good habit of drinking boiled water.
Making tea: Use a dry Tangxuan living porcelain cup to make tea and drink the tea, which can reduce the astringency and make the tea taste smooth and mellow.
Coffee: Drink coffee from a dry Tangxuan porcelain cup to make the coffee more fragrant and pure.
Milk: Drink milk from a dry Tangxuan porcelain cup, and the milk will become more fragrant.
White wine: Pour the white wine into a live porcelain cup to reduce the spiciness and taste sweet and smooth, like an old wine that has been collected for many years.
Beer: Drinking from a dry Tangxuan porcelain cup will make the beer foam more delicate, reduce the stomach-bloating feeling of bubbles, and taste smooth.

【Health Benefits】

1. Reduce chlorine: Helps reduce residual chlorine in water, improve water quality, and enhance taste.
2. Release negative ions: Help increase the concentration of negative ions in the water and indirectly remove remaining impurities, residual chlorine, etc. in the water.
3. Far infrared ray: activates water quality, makes molecules smaller, and decomposes odors in water.
4. Adjust pH: Increase PH value, soften water quality, and help regulate sub-healthy conditions for bodies with excessive acidity.
5. Dissolved oxygen: Increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in water molecules and promote the body's absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Q: Can any beverage be put into the Huo Porcelain brand ceramic cup?
A: Yes, the Huo Porcelain brand ceramic cup can be used to hold acidic drinks such as traditional Chinese medicine, milk, juice or fruit vinegar. Please feel free to use it, but remember to clean it after use and do not leave it overnight to avoid bacterial twins and contamination of the inner wall of the cup.

Q: Can the living porcelain water bottle set be kept warm? How long can the time last?
A: The water bottles of Living Porcelain are all made of ceramic material, so they do not have long-term heat preservation function. The main appeal is health preservation, health, and artistic functions. It uses the patented technology of "coating substrate composition method with far-infrared radiation effect" and undergoes complicated processes. It is fired so that the product can release far-infrared rays and negative ions, which can optimize your experience and feelings when drinking.

Q: How to clean the water bottle set?
A: For normal cleaning, you can use a vegetable melon brush specially designed for ceramics or a bristle brush used for washing bottles. If the color gets stuck after being used for a period of time, you can use baking soda, citric acid or special stain remover powder specially used for ceramics to soak it and then clean it. (Please also read the product manual carefully when purchasing, as it contains detailed instructions for use!)

Q: Can the water bottle set be carried with me?
A: This three-piece water bottle set is mainly designed for home use. If you carry it with you when going out, the bottle stopper is not tight and tilting will cause water leakage, so it is not recommended to carry it with you. But it can be used outdoors. It is recommended to place it on a stable tabletop to bring beauty and health to your life.

Q: Is there anything else we should pay attention to during use?
A: Ceramics have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. If you pour hot water or coffee, you only need to pour 80% full.

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The coffee becomes more mellow and fragrant.

Surprise, awesome👍The magical living porcelain cup makes the coffee more fragrant