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Negative ion acupressure scraping comb (Two combs)

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Negative ion acupressure scraping comb (Two combs)

Regular price $74.82 $95.30 Save $20.48
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  • Combining natural release of negative ions with 0 electromagnetic waves, 0 skin stimulation, and 0 toxicity.
  • Effectively stimulates blood circulation, anti-aging, enhances immunity, prevents or relieves headaches and insomnia, and increases skin elasticity.
  • Korean patented comb design, lightweight and easy to hold, durable, and can be used for three purposes with just one comb.
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Product Description

Product details

Origin: South Korea
Product content: Two combs (box)
Source of raw materials: The raw materials of the product come from Korea. The high-quality patented design ensures that users get the best results.
Technique: The patented design emits negative ions to stimulate acupoints, which helps improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and promote metabolism to help recover from fatigue.
Addressing issues: Suitable for various health issues, including but not limited to hair loss, headaches, insomnia, facial swelling, etc. It is a comprehensive health care product.

Product introduction

1. Negative ion emission: This comb uses a patented design from Korea and incorporates natural ingredients, having excellent negative ion emission function.
2. Multi-functional acupoint massage: The comb teeth design has 13 teeth, which can gently press on the scalp, face, and body acupoints. The 13 teeth simultaneously acupressure the acupoints, helping metabolism and effectively stimulating meridian circulation, contributing to body maintenance and disease prevention.
3. Relieving common issues: Suitable for problems such as insomnia, migraines, hair loss, etc., beneficial for anti-aging, enhancing immunity, activating cells, and providing comprehensive health care.


1. One comb, multiple uses: Both the comb teeth surface and the circular surface on the back can be used. The design is lightweight, beautiful, and durable.
2. Acupoint massage: Use the comb teeth to press on the scalp, face, and body acupoints to promote meridian circulation, reduce fat accumulation, and increase skin elasticity.
3. Daily use: It is recommended to use it daily, especially when needing to relax the body and improve sleep quality.
4. Gentle motions: Use gentle motions to avoid exerting excessive force, ensuring a comfortable experience and achieving optimal results.