Liberty Natural Herbs Anxious Anxiety(60 pills)

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Liberty Natural Herbs Anxious Anxiety(60 pills)

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  • 100% natural ingredients concentrated and extracted, with significant therapeutic effects.
  • Taking as required will not have any side effects, will not be addictive, and is 100% safe.
  • It not only eliminates anxiety but also effectively relieves the physical pain caused by anxiety.
  • Non-prescription medication, made in the USA, FDA certified.
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Product Description

Product Details:

Origin: United States
Product Contents: Each bottle of AnxietyAway contains 60 capsules
Source of Ingredients: Made from approximately 15 types of traditional Chinese herbs, including bupleurum, white peony, turmeric, gardenia, sandalwood, and sour jujube seed
Production Technique: Each of the 15 herbs is boiled to extract a high concentration of water, removing the residue, and then distilled to obtain their fine and effective ingredients. Two small AnxietyAway capsules have the same effect as a large cup of bitter herbal solution.
Addressing Issues: Eliminates anxiety and effectively relieves the physical discomfort caused by anxiety, such as insomnia, palpitations, nausea, back pain, loss of appetite, rapid breathing, stomachache, chest pain, headache, indigestion, and high blood pressure.

Product Introduction:

1. Uniqueness: AnxietyAway has been clinically proven to be significantly effective after years of testing. Unlike other anti-anxiety drugs that only relieve symptoms, AnxietyAway can not only effectively eliminate mental anxiety, but also relieve the physical discomfort caused by anxiety.
2. Convenience and Effectiveness: AnxietyAway, a "natural herbal remedy," uses modern scientific methods to extract and refine the effective ingredients from ancient traditional Chinese herbal formulas. It has been repeatedly tested and its efficacy has been tracked over the long term, proving to be safe, effective, and without side effects.

Dosage Instructions:

1. Suitable for ages 16 and above.
2. Content: Each bottle of AnxietyAway contains 60 capsules, which is a 15-day supply.
3. Dosage: Take twice daily, 2 capsules each time, not exceeding 6 capsules per day. Can be taken before or after meals.
4. Effects: Typically, anxiety relief and a reduction in physical symptoms can be felt after 1-2 days of taking the supplement.
5. Notes: Can be taken simultaneously with all nutritional supplements and most prescription drugs. However, do not take it with alcohol, seafood, raw meat and fish, spicy food, ice cream, and cold beverages. Stop taking AnxietyAway if experiencing a fever or cold.