Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Black Tea(75g * 1Pack)

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Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Black Tea(75g * 1Pack)

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  • 產自台灣阿里山區1000多公尺,保證真高山茶
  • 綠色無毒無農藥茶園,純手摘
  • 新鮮採摘的冬茶,茶味清香,韻味悠長
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Product Description

Product Details: Alishan High Mountain Black Tea:

  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Tea Region: Alishan High Mountain Tea Area
  • Type: Winter Tea, Black Tea (100% fermented, warm in nature)
  • Weight: 75g (1 bag)

This black tea is pesticide-free and hand-picked, presenting itself in a strip shape. Only one tender bud and leaf are selected for each harvest, requiring 8 kilograms of tea leaves to produce 1 kilogram of black tea. Its production is labor-intensive, making it exceptionally rare.

Alishan Black Tea, made from the small-leaf tea plant used for Oolong tea, benefits from the unique growing conditions of Alishan, with optimal temperature, rainfall, and soil quality. Combining the sweetness of black tea with Alishan's mountainous character, it features a rich fruity aroma, smooth and sweet taste, and a honey date-colored tea soup. Enjoy the delicate floral and ripe fruit notes with each sip.

Brewing Method:

  1. Preheat the teapot or tea cup with boiling water.
  2. Add an appropriate amount of tea leaves (tea-to-water ratio 1:50).
  3. Steep with water at 90°C for 30 seconds, and adjust subsequent steeping times based on personal preference.
  4. The tea leaves can be steeped multiple times (6-8 times) to enjoy the tea's full flavor.

Product Introduction:

  • Q: What is the difference between winter tea and spring tea?
  • A: Winter tea is harvested and processed from October to November. Due to the cold climate in high mountain tea regions, the growth is slower, and tea leaves are mostly harvested after maturity. Winter tea and spring tea are the two seasons with the best tea quality throughout the year. Winter tea has a lighter taste, while spring tea has a more intense flavor. Winter tea has the advantage of a delicate aroma, smoothness, and a lingering taste.

Precautions: Product packaging may vary slightly due to different batches, which is considered a normal phenomenon.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeanne Gu

The taste is good. If the loose tea can be wrapped into a smaller tea bags, that will be better.

Qin Ye